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Tree removal is usually a last resort for homeowners in Jefferson. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary. Do you need tree removal? A licensed tree specialist from JCO Tree Care can examine the tree and determine if removal is the best option or if maintenance and trimming can fix the issue. Technicians are available for tree removal in Jefferson, AL. Just call 205-883-9755 or click the button below for a FREE estimate and assessment of the tree (or trees) in question.

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Do You Need Tree Removal?

Over a long enough time, a tree will begin to die and decay. Sometimes, a healthy tree can become hazardous due to homes, buildings and other structures near it. Here are a few reasons it could be time to think about calling a tree service in Jefferson to assess whether tree removal is necessary your property:

  • Rotting Trees – A decaying tree has serious damage, whether it’s from rodents and pests, disease, old age or another cause. It should be removed from the property before it can infect surrounding trees or collapse on a nearby structure.
  • Safety & Visibility – Lower limbs can be removed in order to make the area under the tree safer or to create a better view.
  • Root Encroachment – Tree roots extend below the ground even farther than the tree canopy. Roots wrap around water lines and push up concrete if possible. Cutting the tree down will eventually kill the roots and prevents them from destroying nearby property.
  • Nearby Trees & Plants – A tree that has grown too large for its location affects the smaller trees and plants surrounding it by taking away water and nutrients and limiting their sunlight.
  • Power or Phone Lines – Tall trees interfere with power lines and pose a danger for falling. Sometimes the phone or electrical company may require these trees to be removed, or you can proactively have trees removed to be safe.

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Jefferson Tree Removal

Each tree removal service in Jefferson, AL is slightly different. Your assigned tree care technician has to factor in the size of the tree, its location and what you want done with the tree limbs and branches once it is cut down to the ground. Jefferson tree specialists from JCO consider all these factors before outlining a plan to cut down the tree using one of the following services:

  • Standard Tree Removal – The standard tree removal service includes cutting down the tree, getting rid of the limbs and cutting the trunk into smaller sections for firewood. For an extra fee, technicians can haul the wood away instead.
  • Felling Only – The most affordable tree removal option is to just cut down the tree. Technicians fell the tree safely, but then it’s up to you to complete debris cleanup and saw the remaining limbs and trunk.
  • Minimal Impact Tree Removal – If there isn’t a lot of space to fell the tree, it’s important to bring it down piece by piece. This type of tree removal is more complex, but the only way to protect your home, lawn and fences.

Unsure which type of tree removal service is right for you? Not to worry! Give JCO a call at 205-883-9755 or click the button for a FREE estimate and we will send a tree specialist from Jefferson, Alabama to assess the tree and recommend the best type of removal.

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Emergency Tree Removal
in Jefferson

Ideally you won’t ever need emergency tree removal. But sometimes severe storms and strong winds in Jefferson, Alabama can cause a tree to fall or partially fall. Disease or decay can cause a tree to fall too. If this does happen, you will want the tree removed by a professional tree service right away. These are just a few situations JCO Tree Care considers to be emergencies:

  • Trees that are blown over onto other trees
  • Large branches showing signs of damage
  • A tree that has already fallen on top of a structure or vehicle
  • A canopy that is completely detached from the bottom of the tree
  • Trees that have been struck by lightning
  • Trees that are blocking a driveway or road


If any of these emergency situations happen, here is what you can do to ensure the safety of your family and your property. Don’t let anyone go near the tree in question. A damaged tree can fall at any time. If trees are lying on a power line or structure, it may be necessary to evacuate the area until the tree is gone.

  1. Obtain emergency care for anyone who may be injured.
  2. Take pictures of the damage to your home, other buildings and vehicles if it is safe. The insurance company will likely require photos of the damage if you need to file a claim.
  3. Call us to send a crew to remove the tree. Technicians sent from JCO Tree Care respond as soon as possible to remove a tree that is putting your family or home in danger.

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Fallen Tree Removal
in Jefferson

Most yards in Jefferson County have a lot of trees. The more trees on a property, the higher chance one will fall at some point in time. In the event of a fallen tree, it’s still smart to call a professional tree removal service in Jefferson. Tree specialists from JCO have the proper equipment, hands-on training and years of experience to efficiently and safely get rid of the limbs and cut the trunk into smaller sections for firewood. For an extra charge, service technicians can haul the wood away from the property.

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CALL US: 205-883-9755

Still unsure if tree removal is the right choice? That’s what JCO is here for. The tree specialist sent to your home can determine the health of the tree and identify signs of disease, decay or death. He or she can also determine if the tree is dangerous to your home, building or nearby landscaping and structures and whether removal or tree trimming and care can alter the growth of the tree. There’s nothing to lose.

Call 205-883-9755 to schedule an assessment or click here for a FREE estimate from a tree removal specialist in Jefferson.


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